This week we “launched” our Facebook page, and our website. We are so excited to start making this dream a reality! It has been a lot of months of what we like to call “maven meetings”, and late nights working on the website, finding just the right pictures to build our vision. Which brings me back to where I first started thinking about wanting to serve new families in some sort of capacity. (Which was later made clearer upon talking with Lauren!)

Few people know that that beautiful little girl in the photo above was my inspiration for starting this business. She is the first child of my best friend and his amazing wife, she was born last August. Their family lives on the other side of the country, and it was hard to be so far away for all of the milestones of the pregnancy and birth; building her nursery, mom’s baby shower, and of course her birth. Her Daddy would call me to ask for advice, about products and vaccines, as well as questions about breastfeeding and formula. (And I wish I knew then what I do now!) It got me thinking; that even from afar I could help my friends.  I have used almost every baby product out there, I have worked with lots of different babies- many with issues and concerns, and I have a solid background in child development. I wanted to be able to help other families, and other new moms.  I wanted to turn this “passion”, “obsession” and “love” into a career, a business. So thank you Baby Girl, and to your Mommy and Daddy for bringing you into this world.