“This is THE BEST time of your life!

“Enjoy it while she is small! It gets tough later!”                                   “Isn’t Motherhood Amazing?”

Do you feel like punching everyone who makes one of these comments to you? Do you feel like you *Should* be feeling better about being a new mom? Are you feeling like perhaps you don’t measure up to other mothers you see on TV and around (insert name of perfect town, inhabited only by perfect moms!)  [ie., Danvers, Beverly, Swampscott, Lynnfield, Manchester, Salem, Hamilton,Stoneham…]

Well, you are not alone… Motherhood is tough. And not everyone handles it the same way! If you’re feeling more than a little overwhelmed, or more exhausted than you can possibly imagine, or overly anxious about everything, or simply confused or sad much of the time – you might have PPD (Postpartum Depression).

But don’t worry, help is available. You DESERVE help. You NEED help.

PLEASE, Please don’t be ashamed to look for counseling, or medical intervention. Talk to your spouse, talk to your girlfriends, talk to your doctor, or therapist! No one should go through this alone.

Here is a great blog, written in plain English, about what the symptoms of PPD could look like! If you are experiencing any of them, please seek help!  You deserve to feel better!

The Baby Mavens can recommend a good therapist if you need one.  But you don’t have to go through this alone!  AND, maybe you need more than one hour at the therapist – maybe you need a supportive non-judgemental helper AT HOME! A postpartum doula is just that. She is someone to listen to your birth story, again.  Someone to reassure you that the baby is in fact making normal sounds. Someone to hold the baby so you can have a long shower, uninterrupted!  Someone to cook dinner and cut up that watermelon before it spoils.  The Baby Mavens do all this and more!