My baby is 15 – how did that happen?

Way back in the Spring of 1999, I found myself single and pregnant – no problem, I had a decent job, co-owned a multi-family house with my brother… I was Settled.  I had a lifetime of experience with kids, with babies.  I got this.

October 16, 1999 – 26 weeks pregnant – I was hospitalized with high blood pressure.  Got a steroid shot (in my butt!) to help the babies lungs develop *if* she or he were to come early.

October 17, 1999 – Transfered via ambulance to Boston cause Salem hospital isn’t equipped to deliver a baby before 34 weeks.

Spend the next several days in the hospital completely in denial that I have preeclampsia and what that means.  At one point a nurse said something about “Not going home until the baby comes” and I replied “What?! I am going to be in here for 12 weeks?!” and she replied, “Oh, no, honey, you will be lucky to make it to 30 weeks!” Kinda start to get nervous but also simply in denial.  Never had a tour of the NICU or anything like that – I was sure I would stay pregnant.  I am Super Pregnant Woman- my child and I will defy all odds.  My blood pressure will get under control since I am following doctor’s orders and I am staying in bed on my left side.

All. Day. And. All. Night.  Day after day after day….

October 25, 1999 – Induction day.  It’s time.  They are fearful for my health and the health of the baby, so an they start the induction process. Potions, ointments, etc.  Nothing is working for me.  My body is saying “but wait – it’s not time yet!” And, the baby has flipped and is now breach!

October 26, 1999 – C-Section Day.  Wow.  What a day full of emotions that was.  I wanted a natural birth, I wanted a healthy baby, I didn’t want a preemie.  The worst part was the Magnesium-Sulfate.  They said it would make me feel “a little warm” and maybe “a little tipsy, like you’ve had a few glasses of wine” …. HAHA!  I felt like they poured HOT lava into my veins.  I was BEYOND hot.  I was dizzy and disoriented.  It was not fun. And then the surgery.  And those words I had waited for for so long (Although admittedly not as long as I would have liked to wait!)


He was here and he was healthy.  Tiny (2 lb., 11 oz and 14 3/4 inches), but healthy.  He was here and he was my son and I was in love.  Instantly. My heart ached at the sight of this precious little person that I had grown inside me. I barely got a glimpse of him before he was whisked off to the NICU. Later that evening, I was wheeled into the NICU to really SEE him for the first time. He was amazing.

We both survived all of his stages so far – adorable, chubby baby – smart, inquisitive toddler – rambunctious, energetic preschooler – sweet, loving grade schooler… and now he’s a tall, handsome limit-pushing teenager. And I am in love.  Still.

I got this.  Or do I?


Then………………………………………………………………………..And Now!



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