Game Changer

I am fairly certain I came out of the womb shouting orders. I probably told my mom how to breastfeed, and the nurses how to change my diaper. Yea, I am THAT bossy.  I recognize this flaw in myself, and it is something that I have struggled with and worked on quite a bit over the years. When my dearest friends have babies and come to me for advice, I tell them “You HAVE to get this, and you MUST do that, and you SHOULD do it this way.” Sometimes, this is just what they need, and often times I am sure it is not! 

And then. This past weekend, I attended my Postpartum Doula workshop, another (and now I think of it as the MOST important) piece to certification with DONA International. This workshop was a game changer for me, it was that life altering. I walked in thinking “I already know so much about babies, I have worked with lots and lots of infants, and lots and lots of different babies and moms.” Well, I learned how to calm my soul and quiet my racing mouth. I learned, how to be a Doula. And being a Doula is so much more than babies. So much more. 

Probably what stuck with me the most is that “You should always be working yourself out of a job.” This mentality is SO very different than working as a nanny, as a nanny you want to stay with the family for as long as you can! But TRUE doula work means encouraging, teaching, and supporting Mom [and Dad], helping, educating, and supporting, assisting, complimenting and SUPPORTING. As a doula, I hope to help Mom and her family feel so confident in the job of taking care of baby that they don’t need me anymore. I’ve helped Mom recover and heal (and rest!) from the birth. There is a huge need for this work out there, in the U.S we have high expectations for Mom following her giving birth, we often forget that SHE needs some care and attention as well. This is truly such beautiful work, and I cannot WAIT to be fully immersed in it!



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