My first blog post ever!

I was that child in your church who followed you around with those big “doe eyes” desperate to hold your baby. I was that child who trailed after your newly walking toddler, waiting for them to stumble so I could pick them up. A few years later, I was that young teenager you passed your baby off to, and he or she immediately fell asleep. I would spend an hour walking back and forth, just to have your baby fall asleep on ME! I learned how to change my first diaper at the age of 8, and was hired as a mother’s helper for a newborn infant and her toddler sister at the tender age of just 10. I knew in every fiber of my being that there was no other choice for me in this life, than to work with children. 

I couldn’t get enough, I babysat every single weekend, and lots of afternoons too. I worked in the nursery, taught Sunday School, volunteered in the preschool, anything I could find to be around children, I would do.  I had literally dozens of families that I worked for, and they were constantly recommending me to others. When I was 16, I took a job after school working in a daycare center, that continued in the summers.  It started when I was just 10 years old, and is a passion that has followed me through my entire life. 

I of course chose a career path working with children, in college I majored in Early Childhood Education. The hands on classes with the kids were my favorite part. I inhaled the curriculum in these classes, and I chose my second course of study, Psychology with a concentration in development. I took a lot of babysitting jobs during my college years. The summer of junior year was a turning point for me, I took my first nanny job. The following winter I took another babysitting job for a sweet 6 week old baby girl. Another little girl, and 11 years later I was still their nanny. I learned a lot about myself, and childcare in that time! I currently am working with the sweetest little boy you have ever met. I started with him at just 8 weeks old. During my time with him, I have started feeling like there was more that I wanted to do. My first love, and true passion, is for newborns and little infants. So began talks of The Baby Mavens. 



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